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External wall insulation is the best solution for achieving a warmer environment in existing houses and it is the most cost effective and complete way of insulating your home to provide a uniform level of insulation throughout.

External insulation involves fixing insulation materials such as mineral wool or expanded polystyrene slabs to the outer surface of the wall. This insulation is covered with a special cement-based render to provide weather resistance. A steel or fibreglass mesh is embedded in this render to provide strength and impact resistance. It may be necessary to extend eaves and sills and relocate downpipes.

There are a number of different products which can be used in externally insulating homes and we strive to select the product and finish that best meets each clients requirements. Our professionals meet with the clients at their home and discuss which solutions will suit individual homes.

There are a number of benefits to external insulation:

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  • It has a ‘thermal jacket’ effect on the house and provides for a much warmer environment,

  • Lower fuel costs - can save up to €500 per year in a standard semi-detached home,

  • Is installed without disruption to the home,
  • Improves the appearance of ageing exterior walls - modernise the look,

  • Fills in any cracks in block-work and consequently gets rid of any draughts they were

  • Prolongs the lifetime of a home by protecting the block-work,

  • Reduces condensation on internal walls and also discourages damp,

  • The problems of insulating around or behind internal fittings eg. in kitchens and bathrooms, but also cupboards, shelves, power points etc are avoided,

  • Potential cold bridges at all internal/external wall and ceiling junctions are reduced,

  • Adds to the sound insulation values of the property,


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